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Lawnmowers Theatre Ensemble Review: Transit by Zendeh

On the 27th of January we went to Northern Stage to see Zendeh’s new show Transit.

Listen to the video or read the review below

What was it about?

Transit was about a girl called Darya and her journey to a war torn country, her relationship with her father and her attempt to reunite with him. It questioned what conflict does to our relationship with ourselves and others.

How did  it look?

It had a simple look with props, costumes and lighting. There were images projected onto cloths which drew you in. It was a complex story so it didn’t need many props. It wasn’t about the props, it was about the story. There were lots of paper planes, they were symbolic of journeys; some planes could take you to a dangerous place, some planes could take you to a nice place. 

How did it make you feel?

It made us feel, angry, thoughtful, sad, scared for Darya. It made us feel every emotion under the sun, from being happy and thoughtful to sad and crying.

What did you like about it?

We liked the simplicity of the set and how the actors used the bench and played with the paper planes which were on stage. The pictures that were projected onto white cloth were really good and gave us more information, also the date was projected onto the white cloth, which told us what year they were in. We also liked that there was a screen with subtitles on for people who are deaf or hearing impaired. 

What did you not like about it?

We didn’t like being transported to different years too many times, it was a bit confusing, though they had to do that for the story. We didn’t like that the room was very dark, if it was a bit lighter we would be able to concentrate better. We didn’t like that we weren’t warned that there would be loud and sudden noises in the show. 

What what the venue like? 

We saw the show at Northern Stage. Some of us met friends at the bus stop to get there together; it would be hard to find unless you know the route yourself. We felt ok going in, there wasn’t anyone welcoming us in but it wasn’t unwelcoming, it was a nice venue, so the venue was welcoming. The staff were very friendly with us, they always have been. They are very accommodating, we went once before and they let us eat our packed lunch in the cafe area between a workshop and a show. 

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Maybe we would recommend it, but let people know the story was complex.

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