Retake, Remake Live at Arc, Stockton Arts Centre

Date: Tues 7th December 2021 7pm-8pm

We are excited to announce our new launch date for The Lawnmowers Theatre Ensemble’s Live performance of Retake, Remake at the Arc, Stockton arts Centre.

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(Rescheduled from Tuesday 9 November – tickets booked for the original date will automatically be transferred)

The Lawnmowers Theatre Ensemble present Retake, Remake! A show where the actors take back films made about learning disabled and disabled people but without learning disabled or disabled actors. In a fun and sometimes profoundly moving way, they question this practice and replay snippets of these films through the art of lip-syncing and stylised movement.

Retake, Remake 2021 Trailer

The Krocodile Klub Live

(Online event 7PM – 9PM – Free to participate)

The new Krocodile Klub with live DJs live-streaming from Star and Shadow Cinema to audiences on zoom! featuring DJs 3D Devil, Northboy East, Wolfy, Geordie, Peace, Gingerbeard, Ruzty, and Mayhem!


Friday 29th October 2021

Friday 19th November 2021

Friday 17th December 2021

Zoom Meeting ID: 259 274 7981

Zoom Password: KLUB