The (not so quiet) Revolution of Kindness

Hubbub Theatre Company

Commissioned by Derby Festé 2018 and inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) and ‘Pay it Forward’ movements, this piece makes a bold statement about how we can affect change in our own lives and others’ lives through small gestures of kindness. In a society where many of us feel disempowered and unable to make change on a large scale, these small acts of accumulative kindness can offer a sense of making a difference which can uplift, inspire and change on an individual and collective level. A message which is more relevant now than ever.

The show saw an integrated ensemble of physical theatre performers with and without learning disabilities, delight thousands at Derby’s international festival with a display of colour, movement and a motif of physicality, acrobalance and circus accompanied by original, live music by Matt Marks. The streets and performance space were decorated with sunflowers made by community groups. At the end of the show, audiences were given sunflower seeds to grow and share as a symbol of kindness.

(This film is a 10 minute (and 6 seconds) highlights of the full show)

Film: Film City, Derby. Photos: Chris Webb Photography

Circus director: Catherine Boot

Guest circus performers: Rosy Roberts and Matthew Wood

Design: Maria Terry

Connect LD+ : We are also a theatre company working with actors with learning disabilities. We are just getting to know each other. We are all part of the Creative Minds network. Our Artistic Director Jen also had a conversation with Francois Materasso about you and the film you have made, and he recommended us getting in contact with you.