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The future is bright!

Lawnmowers has continuously adapted and developed, organisationally and financially, over the last 33 years to help safeguard our future; proving a resilience beyond socio-economic pressures.  The organisation has grown significantly since incorporation with a widening impact achieved through increased membership and outreach opportunities.  This has brought with it many challenges and today there are still only a small number of positive examples of models that successfully support people with learning difficulties to become artists and influence change.

Along with growth in delivery we have spent many years making improvements to infrastructure, evaluation methods, dissemination and collaborative working to help the organisation cope with increased demand.  We will continue to adapt, remain flexible and work collaboratively, now and in the future, to help us continue to best support the local people and communities who rely on Lawnmowers. 

Moving to our new permanent base will help the organisation to develop.  We aim to continue our programmes and developments and strengthen our plans through:

  1. Offering a steady growth in provision and community outreach;
  2. Raising funds to create an accessible community theatre and elite regional dance studio;
  3. Collaborating with other artists to create a venue share;
  4. Further developing our current resilience, funding and investment plans.

participatory programmes and interactive research.