Favela to the World

Favela to the World
2013 (Featuring The Lawnmowers – Programme Partners, see pp 4, 9, 14, 18, 22, 30)

By Raj Bhari: Paul Heritage’s AHRC-funded Knowledge Transfer Fellowship, June 2009-May 2012


This report presents the key findings of the AHRC-funded Knowledge Transfer elements of the final phase of the Favela to the World programme of work, from June 2009 – May 2012.
The research undertaken includes an overview of the current UK social policy context and presents the broader social, cultural and political questions that young people, artists, academics, policy makers and community leaders face in terms of supporting young people at risk of violence3 and social exclusion4. PPP recognizes that both young victims of acts of violence and the perpetrators of these acts are “young people at risk” of the deleterious effects of violence.
The report attempts to map the continuing legacy of the PPP and GCAR’s collaboration, with an emphasis on the possibilities this work has realized and how these possibilities could inform socially engaged arts practice in the UK.

“The inspiration of working with the Lawnmowers has helped GCAR prioritise work with people living with disabilities in Brazil – a key moment of knowledge transfer from the UK to Brazil.”